Greenland - The Land of Ice and Snow

Greenland is a self-governing province of Denmark. Nuuk (Earlier known as Godthab) is the capital of Greenland.
  • Greenland is the largest island of the world but not a continent.
  • Eric, the Red was the first European explorer who reached Greenland. Greenland name was given by him.
  • Greenland is located in the North Western part of the world.
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  • Greenland lies in the Frigid zone as the arctic circle passes through the southern part of Greenland.
  • Greenland has very cold climate. The region is also known as the Tundra region.
  • 80% of the Greenland is covered with ice.
  • The south-western coast of Greenland is the warmest part of Greenland. Most of the population lives here only.
Iceberg - Huge pieces of ice breaking off and floating in the sea is called iceberg.

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  • No forests and no crops are grown in this area as most of the part is covered with ice.
  • Only few plants like sedge, cotton grass and lichen grow during the summers in the southern part of Greenland.


  • Animals that can withstand extreme cold are found in Greenland.
  • Polar beer, reindeer, musk ox, wolf, arctic fox, seals and some variety of fishes are found in Greenland.
  • Some birds are also found in Greenland.
Polar Bear
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People of Greenland

  • The Inuits (also called as Eskimos) were the original inhabitants of Greenland.
  • Inuits don't like to be called Eskimos as Eskimos means "eaters of raw meat".
  • Inuits are hunters and live by fishing and hunting.
  • People use skin and fur of the animals for clothing purpose.
  • Earlier bows and harpoons were used to hunt but now guns are used.
  • Earlier Inuits were nomads.
Nomads - People who roam around from one place to another place. Nomads don't have permanent houses.
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  • People use sledges pulled by the dogs.
  • Boats, called Kayaks, were used for fishing in the sea.
  • Now people use motorised sledges and motor boats for fishing.
Sledges pulled by dogs
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Kayaks and Harpoons
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  • Inuits used to live in temporary houses made of ice blocks. These houses are called Igloos.
  • Igloo means house for the Inuits. Igloos might be made of ice, wood or bricks
  •  for the Inuits.
  • Now Inuits have moved to a settled life in the villages or small towns.
Self made igloo.
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  • People wear clothes made of animal skin and fur.
  • People wear jackets with hoods lined with fur. These clothes are called Parkas.


  • Population of Greenland is about 56 thousands.
  • Population has the mixture of Inuits and Europeans mostly.
  • Almost all the population live on the south-western coast of Greenland.
  • There are towns with modern facilities i.e electricity, permanent houses, schools, hospitals etc.
  • Nuuk has the highest population of about 15,500.
  • Holsteinsborg (now Sisimiut) is the second largest town with population of about 5,500.

Agriculture and Industry

  • Fish processing is the major industry.
  • Sheep are raised in small number in the south-western coast.
  • Some part of the south-western coast is suitable for crops like potatoes.