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Thursday, 16 July 2020

Class 6 History Chapter 1 - Notes

Knowing Our Pasts?

What Where How and When?

How to know about the past?

  • Newspapers, Radio, Television can tell us about the things that happened yesterday.
  • In old newspapers, people can tell us about the things that happened a few days back.
  • Books, Elderly people can tell us about the things that have happened a few years ago.
  • Old records, carbon dating, archeological activities can tell us about the things that happened long ago in the past.

What can we know about the past?

  • Type of foods people ate.
  • Clothes people wore.
  • Houses they lived in.
  • Activities they did for the living.
  • Occupations of the people.
  • Cultural activities they performed.
  • Songs and dance styles.
  • Games that were played in the past.

The earliest people were the hunters and gatherers. They moved from one place to another in the search of food. Wherever they got the shelter, food, and water, they stayed there for some time.

River valleys and plains were such places they got food, shelter, and water easily. So the first places where early people lived are the river valley and river plains.

Narmada River Valley

  • The earliest people who lived here were the skilled gatherers and hunters.
  • They collected roots, fruits, and other forest produce from the wealthy forests of the river valley areas.

Sulaiman and Kirthar Hills

  • Men and women grew wheat and barley about 8000 years ago.
  • Began rearing the animals i.e sheep, goats, cattle.

Garo Hills (Northeast India) and Vindhyas (Central India)

  • Agriculture developed.
  • Rice was grown in the areas of Vindhyas.

Indus Valley - Harappan Civilization

  • The earliest cities flourished about 4700 years ago.

Magadha - Earliest Kingdom

  • Near the areas of Ganga and Son rivers.
  • Cities developed about 2500 years ago.
  • The present-day Bihar state of India.

Why people traveled from one place to another place?

It was difficult to move from one place to another place due to the hills, mountains, rivers but people overcame the difficulties and traveled long distances. reasons for the movements were:
  • In search of food and shelter.
  • To escape from the natural disasters.
  • To attack the other people and kingdoms.
  • For trading as the merchants and traders.
  • For religious teachings.
  • For adventure and exploring new places.
People exchanged their ideas and enriched the culture wherever they moved.

How India got its name?


  • India came from Indus (Sindhu in Sanskrit).
  • About 2500 years, Iranian and greek people came to the Indus area and called the Indus as Indos or Hindos.
  • They also gave name India to the land east to the Indus river.


  • Bharata was used for a group of people who lived in the northwest about 3500 years ago as mentioned in the Rigveda (Sanskrit texts).
  • Later Bharata was used for the whole country.

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