Class 5 Social Studies Chapter 6 - Exercise

Greenland - The Land of Ice and Snow

A. Fill in the blanks.

  1. The capital of Greenland is Nuuk, earlier called Godthab.
  2. The Frigid Zone in which most of Greenland is situated is also called the Tundra region.
  3. Huge pieces of ice floating in the sea are known as icebergs.
  4. The original inhabitants of Greenland are Inuit, also called Eskimos.
  5. Igloos are temporary houses made of blocks of ice by Inuit.

B. Match the columns.

  1. Eric, the Red                >>  gave the name 'Greenland'
  2. Holsteinborg                >>  Sisimiut
  3. Arctic Circle                 >>  passes through Greenland
  4. South-western coast >>  warmest part of Greenland
  5. Kayaks                          >>  boats

C. Answer the following questions.

  1. What kind of climate does Greenland have?
    : The Arctic Circle passes through the southern part of Greenland. Most of Greenland lies in the Frigid Zone in the Northern Hemisphere. Hence, it has a very cold climate.

  2. What are icebergs? In what ways are they dangerous?
    : Huge pieces of ice floating in the sea are called icebergs.

    Icebergs are dangerous for the ships as they can damage the ships.

  3. Describe the wildlife of Greenland.
    : Animals that can withstand the extreme cold are found in Greenland. Polar bears, reindeer, , musk ox, wolves, arctic fox, seal, and several varieties of fishes and birds are found here.

  4. What is the main occupation of the Inuit?
    : Most of the Inuits are fishermen and hunters. 

  5. What kinds of clothes do most people in Greenland wear?
    >> The people of Greenland wear clothes made of animal skin and fur.
    >> They wear jackets with hoods lined with fur. These jackets are called parkas.
    >> The people of Greenland also wear long boots made of seal skin to keep their feet warm.

  6. How have modern facilities changed the lives of the Inuit?
    : Modern facilities helped the Inuit to have a settled life. They are using electricity, living in permanent houses. They are also schools and hospitals.

D. Multiple choice questions.

  1. Most of Greenland lies
    (A) north of the Arctic Circle
    (B) between the Tropic of Cancer and the Arctic Circle
    (C) between the Equator and the Tropic of Cancer
    (D) north of the Antarctic Circle

  2. The main occupation of the people of Greenland is
    (A) farming
    (B) fishing and hunting
    (C) working in large factories producing cars
    (D) selling forest produce such as timber

  3. The clothes worn by people in Greenland are mostly made of
    (A) cotton
    (B) silk
    (C) skin and fur
    (D) wool

  4. The original inhabitants of Greenland were:
    (A) Europeans
    (B) Inuit
    (C) Americans
    (D) Indians

  5. The population of Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, is closest to:
    (A) 15,000 (approximate population of a big village in India)
    (B) 150,000 (approximate population of a hill station in India such as Shimla)
    (C) 1,500,000 (approximate population of a large town in India, e.g. Coimbatore)
    (D) 15,000,000 (approximate population of Delhi)

E. Extra Questions

  1. Which is the major industry of Greenland?
    : The fish processing industry

  2. Why do the Inuit not like to be called 'Eskimos'?
    : The word 'Eskimos' means 'eaters of raw meat'. Therefore, The Inuit don't like to be called Eskimos.

  3. What is a kayak?
    : A kayak is a long-narrow boat that was used for fishing in Greenland.

  4. Which of the country is Greenland a part of?
    : Greenland is a self-governing province of Denmark.

  5. What do the people of Greenland use for transport?
    : Earlier, nomadic people used
    >> Sledges pulled by dogs for hunting
    >> Kayaks for fishing

    Now as they have settled life, they use motored sledges and motorboats for fishing.

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