Class 5 Social Studies Chapter 8 - Exercise

Grasslands of the Temperate Zone

Exercises - All Questions and Answers

A. Fill in the blanks.

  1. Most grasslands lie in the Temperate Zone.
  2. Prairies have hot summers and cold winters.
  3. The Mississippi and Missouri rivers flow through the prairies.
  4. The main crop grown in the prairies is wheat.
  5. large farms in the western part of the prairies, used to rear cattle, as known as ranches.

B. Match the columns.

  1. Steppes ⟹ c. Russia
  2. Veld ⟹ f. South Africa
  3. Downs ⟹ d. Australia
  4. Prairies ⟹ a. North America
  5. Pampas ⟹ b. South America
  6. Savannas ⟹ e. Central Africa

C. Answer the following questions.

  1. Where are most grasslands of the world situated?
    Answer: Most grasslands of the world are situated in the Temperate Zone.

  2. What are the prairies?
    Answer: Prairies are the grasslands of North America.

  3. Describe the climate of the prairies.
    Answer: Prairies have hot summers and cold winters. Moderate rainfall occurs, mostly in summers.

  4. There were millions of bison a few hundred years ago in the prairies. But we cannot see any now. Why?
    Answer: Because most of the grasslands have been cleared for agriculture by the people who came from Europe and settled here.

  5. Why are prairies so attractive for farming?
    Answer: Soil is very fertile and water is available in plenty. So the land of prairies is very good and attractive for farming.

  6. What is the main occupation of the people in the western part of the prairies?
    Answer: Main occupation of the people in the western part of prairies is rearing cattle.

  7. What is a ranch? What are the main products of a ranch in the prairies?
    Answer: A ranch is a large farm used for rearing cattle. Beef and dairy products are main products of ranches.

  8. The prairies have a small population. Why?
    Answer: Most of the farming and rearing works are done with the help of machines. Less number of people are required to work in the large farms. So the prairies have a small population.

D. Multiple Choice Questions.

  1. Most of the grasslands of the world lie
    A. between latitude 23.5° N and 23.5° S.
    B. north of latitude 66.5° N and south of latitude 66.5° S.
    C. between latitude 23.5°N and 66.5°N, and between latitude 23.5°S and 66.5°S.
    D. near the poles

  2. The grasslands in North America are known as the
    A. prairies
    B. pampas
    C. savannas
    D. downs

  3. The natural vegetation in the prairies consists of:
    A. dense forest of tall trees with grass growing below
    B. plenty of grass and a number of tress
    C. plenty of grass and very few trees.
    D. wheat crop

  4. In which part of the prairies are most of the ranches present?
    A. north
    B. south
    C. west
    D. east

E. Extra Questions and Answers

  1. What is the meaning of prairies?
    Answer: Prairie is a French word meaning grassland or meadow.

  2.  What is humus?
    Answer: Decomposed parts of leaves and plants that mix up into soil is called humus.

  3. What types of grasslands are found in the world?
    Answer: There are two types: 1. Temperate grasslands and 2. Tropical grasslands.

  4. What are the differences in the tropical and temperate grasslands?
    Tropical grasslands: Grasses are taller due to greater rainfall. They are mostly present in the Southern Hemisphere.

    Temperate grasslands: Grasses are not very tall due to moderate rainfall. They are mostly present in the Northern Hemisphere.

  5. What is the wheat basket of the world?
    Answer: Prairies in the USA are perfect for the wheat cultivation. This region produces very large amount of wheat. So this region is called the wheat basket of the world.

    The USA is the largest exporter of wheat in the world.

  6. What are the crops other than wheat are grown in the prairies?
    Answer: Maize, barley, rye and oats. These are called cereals.

  7. Which is an important center for slaughtering animals?
    Answer: The city of Chicago.

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