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Thursday, 22 April 2021

Class 7 Civics Chapter 9 - Exercise

 Important questions and answers from Class 7 Civics Chapter 9 Struggles for equality.

Questions and Answers

  1. What issues TMS was fighting for?
    Answer: TMS fought for the fishing rights of the displaced people near the Tawa Reservoir. TMS is working to protect the fishing rights and the welfare of the people.

  2. Why did the people set up TMS?
    : TMS was set up to protect the rights of the 
    displaced people near the Tawa Reservoir.

  3. What is the importance of the Constitution in the struggle for equality?
    : The Consitution recognizes everyone as equal in our democracy and it also gives us the right to equality.

    Whenever people have to struggle for equality then people refer to the Constitution and point to their rights.

  4. What are the major reasons for discrimination in Indian society?
    : Major reasons for discrimination in Indian Society are:
    (1) Poverty - Unequal wealth distribution.
    (2) Caste System - Difference levels of castes in the society.
    (3) Gender Inequality - Unequal status of women in the society.
    (4) Religious Differences - Cultural differences in religions.
    (5) Racism - Unequal treatment based on skin color and origin.

  5. How does the participation of people affect the success of any movement?
    : Participation of more people makes the movement stronger and more effective.

  6. What are the reasons for the displacement of people?
    : When a forest is declared as a wildlife sanctuary or a dam is constructed over a river then the forest dwellers and other people living in that area are displaced and asked to settle at new places.

  7. How does displacement affect the lives of people?
    : Displaced people have to move to new places and find new ways of livelihood. The life of people becomes difficult if they don't get suitable places for settlement.