Chapter 4 - The Mughal Empire

Practice Questions - 1

  1. What do you about the mansabdars of the Mughal Empire?
  2. Who was Nur Jahan? (Answer in detail)
  3. What was written in the three-volume history of Akbar's reign? (Describe briefly)
  4. Who were Jagirdars?
  5. Who were the ancestors of the Mughals?
  6. Name the great Mughals? Also, write their periods of the ruling.
  7. What was the Mughal tradition of succession?
  8. Who were the Mansabdars and what were their responsibilities?
  9. Who were the officials that administered the Mughal Provinces?
  10. Who was Sher Shah Suri?

Chapter 7 - Tribes, Nomads, and Settled Communities

Practice Questions - 2

  1. What is a tribe?
  2. Who were nomads?
  3. Describe Banjaras. (50-60 words)
  4. Who were itinerants?
  5. How did Varna System convert into a caste system? (30-40 words)
  6. Mention some unique things about the Ahoms?
  7. How was the kingdom of Gonds was divided for the administration purpose?
  8. What is shifting cultivation?
  9. Name some important tribal groups of the Western part of the subcontinent.
  10. How to the Nomadic pastoralists earn their livelihoods?