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Class 7 Social Science - History

Chapter 4 - The Mughal Empire

Practice Questions - 1

  1. What do you about the mansabdars of the Mughal Empire?
  2. Who was Nur Jahan? (Answer in detail)
  3. What was written in the three-volume history of Akbar's reign? (Describe briefly)
  4. Who were Jagirdars?
  5. Who were the ancestors of the Mughals?
  6. Name the great Mughals? Also, write their periods of the ruling.
  7. What was the Mughal tradition of succession?
  8. Who were the Mansabdars and what were their responsibilities?
  9. Who were the officials that administered the Mughal Provinces?
  10. Who was Sher Shah Suri?

Chapter 7 - Tribes, Nomads, and Settled Communities

Practice Questions - 2

  1. What is a tribe?
  2. Who were nomads?
  3. Describe Banjaras. (50-60 words)
  4. Who were itinerants?
  5. How did Varna System convert into a caste system? (30-40 words)
  6. Mention some unique things about the Ahoms?
  7. How was the kingdom of Gonds was divided for the administration purpose?
  8. What is shifting cultivation?
  9. Name some important tribal groups of the Western part of the subcontinent.
  10. How did the Nomadic pastoralists earn their livelihoods?

Chapter 7 - Devotional Paths to the Divine

Practice Questions - 3

  1. Who were Alvars and Nayanars?
  2. What was the importance of Khanqahs?
  3. What were the ideas of Saints from Maharashtra?
  4. Who was Kabir and what were his ideas?
  5. Describe the ideas of
    (a) Shankara
    (b) Ramanuja
    (c) Basavanna
    (d) Nathpanthis, Siddha, yogis
    (e) Baba Guru Nanak
  6. What was Sufism?
  7. What do you know about Meera Bai?
  8. What was common between Sufism and Nathpanthi ideas?
  9. What are the sections of Hinduism?
  10. What is Salvation? Why did people try to attain it?

Chapter 8 - The Making of Regional Cultures

Practice Questions - 4

  1. What is a regional culture?
  2. What the characteristics of a Classical Dance form?
  3. Name the popular Classical Dance forms?
  4. What was the main ideology of the Rajputs of Rajasthan?
  5. Why did Rice and Fish become the main food items of Bengal?
  6. What were the themes of miniature painting?
  7. Why were temples built in Bengal?


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